About Us

Background & Objectives
“It is necessary to reach people in India to educate them about Climate Change, Environment protection, Energy conservation and empower them with skill development to live life which is sustainable for self and the mother Earth.”
With such as objective in the mind the JWALA TRUST was established on 1st January 2003 by a network of dedicated, successful professionals who wish to contribute back to the society what they have earned from it.
As Jwala we believe in provision of sustainable energy supply in rural areas for economic development, poverty alleviation and improved quality of life of the poor population, better healthcare, education, promotion of village based enterprises and creation of employment, which are also the priority themes for the Government of India. Programmes and Projects initiated in the above mentioned areas will contribute significantly to the targeted 8.5% (for the next 5 years) inclusive growth in India, and the Millennium Development Goal targets, particularly for poverty alleviation.
Jwala`s efforts and projects in education would be designed to fulfil the objective of Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE) in a time bound manner, as mandated by 86th amendment to the Constitution of India making fee and compulsory Education to the Children of 6-14 years age group, a Fundamental Right; with special focus on girl’s education and children with special needs.
We Implement Projects and programmes to provide solutions and training to augment the requisite manpower, collection and dissemination of environmental information and creation of awareness about Climate Change in the country. Jwala provides advisory services to the industry to reduce carbon emissions and develop Carbon offset Projects to  earn additional revenues through UNFCCC flexible mechanism CDM and Voluntary Markets  We work with farmers to teach them how to adapt to face new challenges like droughts, floods or any other extreme weather events due to global warming which leads to Climate Change. Providing sustainable solutions to the past environmental damages and pollution control is our long term objective.

Organisation Structure
The trust functions in a democratic Model. All members are volunteers and are encouraged to develop further linkages with like minded organizations and partners. The member who takes the initiative in bringing in the new project takes the lead in implementing the project. Jwala Trust is audited annually has a PAN exempted by 80 G on all donations.

Pamposh Bhat
Trustee & Chairperson,
K-1525, Palam Vihar
Gurgoan, Haryana 122017
Tel/Fax: +911244382494
Mob: +919810744555

Akanksha Sajnani
Emai: trustee@jwalaindia.org

Partners & Alliances
Jwala works independently or in collaboration with Industry ( Pvt. & Public Sector) , R&D Institutions, Government, NGOs, Education Institutions and Bilateral & Multilateral Development agencies to meet today’s toughest challenges and to alter decades of dependence on fossil fuel based energy sources and other backward areas in the society.

Jwala has national jurisdiction. The Trust is ready to commit to projects and programmes which have the potential to fulfill its objectives anywhere in India.

Who we work for?
Jwala ,Not for Profit ,Trust  Foundation aims to partner with  the local philanthropists, overseas Indians, international charitable organisations, trusts, funds, development agencies and NGO`s in  implementing   projects  for Climate Protection ,   Environment Protection & Conservation ,  Development of Educational  and Health  infrastructure in India  with focus on Gender issues.


  • Vinay Singh – Director, Projects &Programs
  • Dr.Sangeeta Koul -Director, Academics & Research
  • Dr Meeta Mathur – UGC Projects
  • Dr Anjali Chopra – Gender Issues
  • Dr.Renuka Koul -School Education
  • Suman Virwani – Primary Education