Awarness Programmes

Awareness Programmes and Projects
Jwala hosts and promotes awareness programme which deals with the various topics that lead to social, economical, environmental and gender welfare. Workshops and skill development programmes, trainings etc are conducted which echo the above mentioned themes.

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Advisory Services
Jwala provides advisory services to the public/private industries, concerned government bodies etc. on energy and environment sector  cross cutting  gender issues. Scope of advisory has been on reduction of carbon emissions and earn additional revenues through UNFCCC flexible mechanism CDM and how to achieve low carbon growth of India. We work with farmers to teach them how to adapt to face new Challenges like Global warming which leads to Climate Change. Providing sustainable solutions for rural development is our long term objective.

Projects 2013
Jwala Chairperson is mentoring project titled “Environmental Crisis – Green Economic Solution”  undertaken by Dr. Meeta Mathur, Dr. Sangeeta Kaul, Dr. Rajiv Chopra and ten interdisciplinary students.
As we know, India is the fourth largest energy consumer in the world, after the United States, China, and Russia. Despite a slowing global economy, India’s energy demand continues to rise. As vehicle ownership expands, petroleum demand in the transport sector is expected to grow in the coming years. While India’s domestic energy resource base is substantial, the country relies on imports for a considerable amount of its energy use. Energy conservation and utilization of alternate sources of energy should be focus of all Indian consumers.
The Students prepared a questionnaire and surveyed in and around NCR region to get insight in to the subject and understood the need of “Waste to energy” for our future cooking and heating requirements. To develop a pilot project on BIO-CNG, we joined hands with Green Brick Eco – Solutions (GBES), founded by a group of IIT alumni, Dhawal Prate, Sandeep Garg and Prasun Jain, an environmental sustainability firm working with stakeholders in business, society, academia and polity to develop and design green and energy efficient technologies & solutions.
GBES did the feasibility study and designed a Bio CNG plant for Sri Aurobindo College, New Delhi to utilize canteen, kitchen and other organic waste available within premises to generate BioCNG for cooking purpose for college canteen on BOT model and link it to knowledge and  manufacturing industry .
The team installed biogas plant in the Sri Aurobindo College , New Delhi premises on 1st Feb2013. This  Bio CNG pilot plant is a model for the nearby localities and other educational institutions.

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